Dr. Kenneth Lipow

Our Philosophy

We understand that patients have choices when it comes to their Neurosurgical care. Our patients choose Connecticut Neurosurgical Specialists because of our level of expertise in the field, combined with our compassionate treatment of patients and their families. A core reason for our success comes from our conservative practice of medicine. We believe that the best outcomes are not always reliant upon surgery, and we work to ensure that our patients know all the medical options available to them. We understand that the best care can only be delivered if the patient and their family are well-informed of their condition, and ready to partner with us throughout their treatment-from pre-operative decision making through the recovery process. We are a Neurosurgical Practice that aim to ensure all patients are comfortable and confident in their care, a necessity for a satisfying patient experience.

We are proud of the role we have played in peoples’ lives—having helped generations of patients extend their life and quality of life. The typical end result is a patient whose life was made better by their interaction with us; a patient who is thankful they chose our practice. We take our responsibility as a premier Neurosurgical group very seriously. We are frequently called upon to render second opinions, and many times to correct procedures done elsewhere. The vast majority of our referrals come from previously treated, satisfied patients.

Our Physician

CNS brings years of experience in the neurosurgical field. Dr. Kenneth Lipow was trained at the prestigious Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, and has extensive post residency training including fellowships and certifications with new surgical techniques. Dr. Lipow is a consecutive, 18-year recipient of Connecticut’s “Best Doctors” award.

Our team provides state-of-the-art care that has made CNS one of the top private practice groups in Fairfield County CT.