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Treatment for Vascular Lesions


Intracranial vascular lesions comprise aneuryms and arteriovenous malformations. They can affect the brain due to their mass or their tendency to bleed. The treatment for vascular lesions can vary.


Aneurysms in the Brain are protrusions on blood vessels with thin walls that can grow over time. They typically present with a brain hemorrhage. Their structure predisposes them to rupture. In fact, most aneurysms are discovered this way. More rarely they present with neurological symptoms due to brain compression, seizures or strokes.

Treatment for aneurysms in the brain is primarily to stop the flow of blood into the aneurysm, eliminating the potential for additional bleeding. Treatment is typically surgical, endovascular (treatment through the blood vessels) or a combination.


Arteriovenous Malformations comprise telengiectasias, cavernous malformations, venous malformations and arteriovenous malformations. These entities, to different extents, can cause hemorrhage, neurological deficits and seizures from brain irritation.

Treatment  for arteriovenous malformations ranges from conservative management and close follow-up to re-section of these lesions. Focused radiation and endovascular techniques (treatment through the blood vessels) are other modalities used with increasing frequency.


Our Connecticut Neurosurgeons value a conservative approach in the treatment of vascular lesions. Please CONTACT US if there is a medical issue in which CNS can help you.