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Fractures of the spine are usually caused by trauma and/or osteoporosis. They range from painful compression fractures seen in osteoporotic patients to major spinal injuries causing significant deformity and neurological injury.


Osteoporotic Compression Fractures are common and occur primarily in the elderly. Their osteoporotic bones can collapse leading to back pain. These patients are typically treated with rest, bracing and medications. Most improve but ongoing resistant back pain can be effectively treated with Kyphoplasty, a minimally invasive technique that can bolster the weakened fractured bone, decreasing associated pain.


Traumatic Fractures of the spine typically can heal with conservative therapy and sometimes bracing. The purpose of bracing is to stabilize the spine to maintain normal alignment and to reduce pain by limiting motion of the spine.


Major spinal injuries, such as those caused by falls and motor vehicle accidents can cause both neurological injury and spinal instability (the inability of the weakened spine to sufficiently protect associated nerves). These patients typically require prompt surgical intervention.

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