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Head Injury & Concussion Treatment CT


Concussion:  A concussion is a mild traumatic head injury that occurs from a head blow or shaking. Concussions are common and can cause headaches, malaise, memory impairment and concentration difficulties. Most improve with proper concussion treatment but progress can be slow.


Skull Fracture:  Most skull fractures can be safely observed. Head injuries that significantly deform the skull or penetrate the brain, or its protective lining, may require reconstructive surgery.


Hematoma:  Bleeding can cause abnormal accumulations of blood (hematoma) between the skull and brain, or within the substance of the brain. Large hematomas, exerting significant pressure, may have to be evacuated surgically. Subdural hematomas occur between the dura (fibrous membrane overlying the brain) and the brain. Epidural hematomas occur outside the dura, underneath the skull.


Our Connecticut Neurosurgeons value a conservative approach in the treatment of head injury & concussions. Please CONTACT US if there is a medical issue in which CNS can help you.