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Herniated Disc Surgery CT


Herniated Disc, known as disc rupture and slipped disc, occurs when the central part of the disc protrudes into the spinal canal, frequently causing nerve compression. Disc herniations can cause back pain and symptoms of nerve compression, including pain radiating into the buttocks and legs (sciatica), weakness and numbness.

Treatment of herniated discs is usually conservative, involving rest, medication, physical therapy or epidural steroid injections. Most patients with symptomatic disc herniations never require surgery. However, if conservative modalities fail or the patient develops progressive neurological changes, herniated disc surgery may be indicated.


Disc Degeneration is the breakdown of the disc and surrounding structures due to age and wear and tear. Patients usually present with back pain but can also experience symptoms of nerve compression. If the disc degenerates enough, surrounding bones come closer together, eliminating available space for the spinal nerves.

Our Connecticut Spine Surgeons value a conservative approach in the treatment of herniated discs. Please CONTACT US if there is a medical issue in which CNS can help you.