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Treatment for Brain Tumors


Brain tumors are collections of abnormal cells that grow in an uncontrolled abnormal way, creating a mass in or around the brain. They are typically characterized as benign or malignant, and therefore treatment for brain tumors will vary.


Benign Brain Tumors are not comprised of cancerous cells. They are usually slow growing, do not invade the brain, have distinct borders and do not usually recur if removed surgically. However, if these lesions grow large enough, they can impinge upon surrounding brain tissue.


Malignant Brain Tumors are comprised of cancerous cells. They are usually fast growing, invade surrounding brain, have indistinct borders and are prone to recur despite surgical removal. These lesions frequently require other treatments in addition to surgery, such as radiation or chemotherapy.


Brain tumors cause symptoms based on their location, their size, and the extent of peripheral brain irritation. Surgical treatment of brain tumors ranges from minimally invasive biopsy to more aggressive surgical approaches aimed at complete resection.


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