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Advances in Spinal Surgery

The spine is a body structure which first appeared in the fossil record during the dinosaur era, 65 million years ago. It requires full integration of spinal cord, nerves, muscles, tendons, bone, and blood flow for normal structure and function. It supports the body, protects the nervous system, and provides a scaffold for attachment of muscles and tendons for voluntary and involuntary motion of the body core, arms, legs and head. Its bone marrow manufactures red blood cells to carry oxygen in the blood and white blood cells to fight infection.

It is evident from these facts that successful spine surgery requires extreme accuracy of diagnosis, precision surgical technique, and the most advanced imaging and operative technologies available today. We at Connecticut Neurosurgical Specialists (CNS) have 25 years of innovated operative firsts in the fields of computer-assisted surgery, spinal fusions and implants, lifesaving infection procedures, and spinal cord and nerve decompressive and salvage operations (e.g. lumbar stenosis, disc herniation, vertebral fracture, and cancer removal and spinal reconstruction). Currently, we are breaking new ground evolving new applications for leading-edge intraoperative O-arm computerized high-resolution spinal imaging and navigational technology. This group of devices images the spine during surgery to allow improved safety and precision, as well as enabling repair of paralysis producing spinal injuries.

We hold multiple patents in robotic surgery, and have extensive experience with the new field of bone producing biologics for spinal fusions. These technologies enhance bone growth while increasing safety and success rates. We routinely treat difficult spinal diseases and surgical failures referred from national and international sources.

We at CNS, as a team of spine surgery specialists with aggregate surgical experience of more than 60 years, are proud of our heritage of surgical excellence which has earned us the distinguished “Best Doctors Awards” as voted by our peers for 15 consecutive years and more than 20 aggregate years.